Choose your membership

Offering Single, Family, Youth and Senior Memberships that require volunteering hours.

If you are wanting a membership that does not require hours - please contact us to sign up. Non-volunteering membership cost are Single $75.00, Family $150.00, Youth $40.00 and Senior $60.00

Below are the membership costs and sign up that include volunteer hours.

Adult Membership $45

Membership for one adult 18 and older. Requires 8 volunteer hours.

Youth Membership $20

Membership for one minor 17 years old or under. Requires 4 volunteer hours.

family membership $70

Membership for a family, per household. Requires 12 volunteer hours.

Senior Membership $30

Membership for one senior 65 and over. Requires 4 volunteer hours.


Reach out to us today, we're happy to help!